Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rosary for the Bishop

Rosary for the Bishop is a website where you sign-up promising to pray a rosary for bishops. Simple enough, right? You can choose one or many bishops. The sign-up process is fairly standard. You enter name, password, email, etc. Then you get a confirmation e-mail.

Once you click on that, you're taken to the heart of the website where you can select the bishops you want to pray for, yes even the Pope! (He is the bishop of Rome after all!) You can search by diocese, bishop's name or city/state. You select when and how often you will pray and can even get a reminder by e-mail or Twitter! This is not just for US bishops, as of today there are people praying for 150 bishops in 6 countries, including 46 US states!

Hey, here's a crazy idea. In this Year for Priests, instead of complaining about our bishops, let's pray for then instead! With Lent coming up, it might be a good habit to add.

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