Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michael Dubruiel: November 16, 1958-February 3, 2009

Amy Welborn's husband Michael Dubruiel passed away Tuesday. Let's keep him in our prayers. Also, remember Jimmy Akin's father.

Fr. Z at "What Does The Prayer Really Say?" is keeping a spiritual bouquet for Michael. Our Sunday Visitor has a nice tribute here.


If you want to help support Amy and her family, the proceeds from Michael Dubuiel's "How-to Book of the Mass" go to his children's college fund. Our Sunday Visitor is doubling the proceeds from all of his books to go to the fund. If you want to order through Amazon, you can order through Catholic Mom and support that site as well. I supppose this would be the case for any site that has an Amazon link, but check with the site first.

Danielle Bean has a site to donate to Amy and her family here and here.

Amy has posted Michael's last column for the diocesan paper. Comments are open at the moment.